New to corporate? Here’s your style guide!

Formal occasions count as an important event not only for the company but also the individual presenting. Who doesn’t want to dress classy and be the highlight of the meeting, anyway? When you pick out a pair of formals you not only speak for yourself but also for the entire organization. Choosing a pair of formals for the event could be confusing because of the options available and not knowing exactly what makes a good pair. Don’t worry, we, at Orofit
have selectively designed our collection according to your preference. Here are a few tips to style for your next formal occasion.


For a Board meeting
While attending a board meeting, keep in mind to choose your colours right. You can try to pair smart window pane checkered trousers with a plain shirt that would stand out in the room. Stylish and elegant blazers could create a luxurious impression on the client. You could jazz-up your pair of formal shoes with interesting colours that would compliment your formal attire.


For an Interview
Interviews are important sessions for everybody and we surely would not want to stress you out because of the apparel you would wear. The best pair of outfit for any interview would be a light coloured buttoned down shirt with a complementing plaid checks trousers. You could experiment with accessories, but then remember to keep it simple by pairing products like a leather belt and a watch, that tag well with your shirt colours.


For Office Party
Office parties are a place where everyone gets to know your fun side. Hence, it is important that your outfit shows your light-hearted side. Choosing something which is semi- formal like straight cut trousers along with a printed shirt would make you the star of the party. Oxford shoes look impressive if paired with the right colours.

For a Presentation
Presentations are generally conservative occasions to experiment with formals. Therefore, try to go easy with colours and prints. White coloured shirts with black trousers would be the best for the event. Light coloured suits would blend well black formal shoes.


Business Conclave
Business conclaves are important events where one needs to interact with their clients socially. Here, there are no strict rules about dressing formally. You could try a business casual attire which would also make you look an interesting person. A printed blazer would look splendid if paired with the right coloured shirt.


Always select the right fit for the meeting and keep your accessories to a minimum. Along with keeping your outfit smart and confident, remember to keep it classy and comfortable. We at Orofit allow you to choose a custom fit in our wide range of styled shirts with the best fabrics, tailored suits and trousers for men delivered to your doorstep.
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5 Clothing Essentials in Every Gentleman’s Closet

Fashion is all about staying on top of trends and choosing outfits that make you look smart every day. Despite these rotational trends, some classics never go out of style. Here’s a list of essentials that we think every wardrobe must have to give you a fashionable look all year round.

A White Shirt

White shirts are the most important for a classic look every season. One of the most versatile colors, white can be paired with browns, blues and grays for a classy look. While linen shirts dominate summer, cotton shirts with slim chinos add color to boring winter mornings. Suitable for the workplace and at outdoor events, a white shirt is the key in completing a wardrobe.

Slim Fit Trousers

A flattering pair of trousers can be paired with formal shirts to add panache to your workplace look. To look smart at formal events, pair them with white button-down shirts and to achieve a business casual look, pair them with pastel coloured shirts.

A Tailored Suit

A lightweight blazer is the perfect piece to brighten up dull formal events and boardroom meetings. A well tailored suit can go a long way to give an effortlessly classy look. If you’re worried about the suit fitting you well, we can help you out. You can book an appointment with our stylist at home, select your design and we’ll deliver a custom fit suit at your doorstep.

A Button-Down Shirt

Pastel colored button-down shirts are a must-have for any occasion, be it a business meeting or an after party to celebrate its success. Soft pastel shades look great when paired with dark trousers. Pro-tip: Leather belts make for the perfect accessory with almost all pastel colored shirts.

A Checkered Shirt

Every wardrobe must have checkered shirts for casual business meetings. They are the perfect fit for parties, informal meetings and even casual dinner dates. Style them with chinos or Formal trousers for a classic look.

Never go out of style with these wardrobe hacks, especially with our personal touch and expertise.

Our stylists can assist you in choosing from an array of designs and fabrics that can be tailored into suits, trousers, and shirts according to your needs. All you have to do is call us at +91 8828131624 to book an appointment for luxurious custom fit experience.

Top 5 Styling Tips for Men to make it through this Monsoon

Every year monsoon brings more than just rains. As fun as it sounds to stay in and enjoy a hot cup of coffee by the window, most of us have to go to work or run errands whilst ensuring we don’t get drenched or worse, step into muddy puddles. Who wants to deal with a soiled suit at 9 am in the morning, anyway? What may seem more challenging though is to maintain your style statement throughout this unpredictable season. So this monsoon, we bring the top five essential styling tips/hacks for all the fashionable men out there.

#1 Color you bright!
Monsoons are majorly characterized by dullness with dark clouds hovering above us all the time. The best way to beat them is to add a splash of brightness to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors this season. You can also try out a range of pastel colored shirts for men. Add some hues to your collection of jackets and blazers too!

#2 Layer it up!
Layering will be your wingman this season if you want to keep up with the unpredictable weather. It will help you modify your outfit as per how cool or hot the weather is. So don’t hesitate to put on a 3 piece suit for your next board meeting just because it’s pouring outside.

#3 Experiment with your wardrobe
Monsoons are a good time to experiment with prints, colors and silhouettes. A simple pocket square on your old grey suit can be turned into a catchy detail to make your outfit look chic. You can create a variety of ensembles by mixing and matching prints and colors.


#4 Stress free shopping
Most of us refrain from shopping during this season because it seems like a futile exercise. However, sometimes you just HAVE to buy a new linen blazer for your Sunday brunch or smart formal shirts to go with your not so fancy trousers. Scouting for your fit and style through a range of stores can be a cumbersome process, especially in the rains. Orofit lets you book a stylist at home, select your design and provides customized shirts, trousers and suits for men at your doorstep. It is the most hassle-free way of curing your wardrobe woes once and for all.

#5 Dress comfortably
While most people go overboard with their fashion choices, the thumb rule for any season is to prioritize comfort. Avoid wearing fabrics that stick to your body and make it uncomfortable to endure the variating temperature. Wear simple cotton shirts that relieve you of the humidity in the weather. Avoid wearing woollen and silk garments as much as you can.

If you manage to follow these tips, it is safe to say that you can escape the monsoon madness. Wearing clothes that are comfortable and well-fitting is of the essence. Fashion trends will keep changing but you can always find your personal style and live up to it with Orofit. With a personal stylist to assist you in choosing from an array of designs and fabrics at home and tailor-made suits, trousers and shirts for men delivered at the doorstep, there isn’t much you have to worry about when it comes to shopping this season.

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