Top 5 Ways to Live #TheBlueLife

Blue is the color of knowledge, power and professionalism – qualities that you possess and redefine everyday with your wardrobe. When you match how you feel on the inside with your outfits, you’ll stand out from the Navratri crowd effortlessly.

For most of us, Navratri is an opportunity to deck up in different colors every day for 9 days and dance to Garba beats in the night. But, with all this buzz going around, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to wear your trustable blue. How does 9 days with 9 different shades of blue sound? The different tones of the colour can be your go to festive look. And our expert stylist can arrive at your doorstep to help you with the whole process.

Blue formals? Blue formals.

If wearing colorful shirts in a formal environment isn’t something you’re down for, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, we can help you rock your blues in the best way possible.

The color blue has a style of its own. We believe that a formal attire can be your style statement this festival season.  

Rethink Monday Blues

Research has shown that wearing the color blue on a Monday can   actually help get rid of Monday blues. Well, even though the research part might not be completely true, wearing a stunning blue attire can fetch you amazing compliments. That’s surely going to turn your Monday around! Safe to say, our stylist can help you get your tailored shirts, suits and products delivered on time at your doorstep.

Confidently You

Someone rightly said, ‘Wear anything with confidence and you will stand out’. So, in the season of colors, why not wear your blues with confidence? Whatever the occasion maybe, the colour blue will help you make the best impression! Sprinkle some confidence onto that indigo and make an impression on everyone you meet.

Brunch Blues

Planning for a special brunch or even a possible date? Well, you never know. The color blue could just be the cupid you have been waiting for! You can be one of the style icons who can rock their suits even on the weekends. An amazingly stylish Sunday Brunch can kickstart your new week on the right note.



Dare To Differ 

Worried what people will think of your blue choices during Navratri? We are pretty sure they’ll appreciate your fearless outfit. Well, dare to blue this festival season! Let the color blue help you put your best foot  forward in the season of Navratri. And you aren’t much of a risk taker, you can always take some baby steps with a pair of dashing blue trousers.

So, are you a man who lives #TheBlueLife? If not, book an appointment with our stylist at +91 88281 31624 or at