From the choice of cloth, to the selection of the shape, height and width of the collar, to the style of cuffs, placket or mother of pearl buttons you can decide on every aspect of your bespoke shirt. Adapting the size of the cuff to the size of your watch is just a matter of course. If you wish to refine your bespoke shirt with embroidered monograms, no premium will be applied. Finally, we will proceed with the creation of your bespoke garment.


Every bespoke process starts off with an initial consultation where we will get to know you and discuss your needs and any other requirements you may have for your bespoke shirt. To construct your individual paper pattern we take into account 18 body measurements, your posture and your body’s characteristics as well as your movement habits, which will be noted during our first meeting.


We carry over 100 different cloth samples from the finest European shirting mills. You can choose from a vast variety of shirting fabrics in different colors, weaves and designs –whether finest PIMA or Egyptian GIZA 45 cotton, Italian linen or exclusive suiting fabrics of Terry Wool. Whichever time of the year or whatever the occasion, we are sure to find the right cloth to meet your needs and preferences.


From the insights gained during our first meeting we will create your individual paper pattern and make your first order. The first order will help us fine-tune the fit and review any additional requirements or stylistic elements with you. After having considered possible adjustments your personal paper pattern is updated and archived for future orders in our workshop.


Because every product is handmade for you in our workshop, we can meet any special requirements you may have. Whether you are looking for a casual shirt, a business shirt or an evening dress shirt or semi-formal chinos or formal trousers we will create the right fit for you. Orders usually require a turnaround time of 7 working days from time of order to delivery.